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Why you NEED US to do Defects Inspection?

Save your Money

With defects properly identified and rectified within developer's liability period, we help you save future repair cost

Hassle-Free Inspection

We help you to identify defects, submit to developer for rectification and verify works completed to acceptable standard 


BCA Standards

Our inspectors are well trained according to BCA standard. This helps Avoid Possible Dispute with developer

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Experienced Inspectors are meticulous to identify the defects in your house

Essential Defects Inspection Service

Defects Checks offers a complete solution with an efficient and quality assurance defect inspection service to homeowners that helps in saving time and cost. Our experienced and well-trained inspectors performs the inspection on 3 main areas namely Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical.




Definitely worth engaging the services of Defects Checks. They did great job & let us have peace of mind with regards to handling the defects with the developer. I've recommended their service to many of my neighbours. I've also engaged them to do my curtains too. I like it that Davin is very good in both the defects & curtains service. Can't wait to see the end product of our curtains! Thanx, Davin, for your excellent service delivery!

November 20, 2017

I had just gotten my 2-room house in Sumang Lane on 11 November 2017. As an inexperienced owner, I realized it is important to get reliable professional such as Defects Checks P/L to check for defects through the inspection process. Davin from Defects Checks came to my house promptly and was very detailed during inspection process that was actually took more than 2 hours. I was shocked he found a lot of defects that I will not able to see them with my own eyes. Davin was quite friendly guy to give me most practical experiences on what the defects were and how they could be rectified. Honestly, I learnt a lot of valuable thing from him. Thank you very much for checking defects for my house and I will definitely recommend BTO owners to you.

May 13, 2017

在收到鎖匙後,本來打算自己check defect,查玩客廳地板後已經累翻了,正在頭痛怎麼辦時,偶然在FB看到Defect check 這公司,馬上叫另一半聯絡他們,很快便回覆並馬上約好1st appointment, 當天一共三位年輕人來,很專業的把所有細節問題一個一個找出來,用了足足5個小時完成; 之後他們會約Developer ,通知我們一起做joint inspection,當天用了差不多兩個多小時; 當Developer維修完畢後,他們會再約我們跟Developer一起再joint inspection,當天也用了一個多小時,再看那一份超厚超詳細的Defect check list, 和他們耐心專業的態度,真的覺得遇到了救星,為我們解決了其中買煩人的部分,感謝Defect Checks Private Limited�,能讓我們昨天順利如期搬入新居了���.

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