Defects Checks - What Home Owners need to do?

Why Do It?

Just like the best dishes in the world, everything starts from the preparation of the ingredients. 

Defects Checks aims to put 100% in each and every job we do. We' have found that with our client's help, our job becomes easier and results are much better. 

"Help me, help you" 

                            - Jerry Maguire (1996 Movie)

After Collecting Keys

Sign up for Water, Electricity and Gas with SP Services

The process should take a week and they will arrange for an inspector to meet you at your home to connect your utilities

This will allow us to conduct more thorough mechanical and electrical defect checks on your home.

At Least 12 Hours Before Inspection

Turn On The Air Conditioning

Turn down the air-conditioning to the minimum and cool the rooms at least 12 hours before inspection. This allows us to check for leaks and other defects


As an added bonus, we might be able to detect defects in your parquet or laminate. Poor installation causes them to expand and contract unevenly. Over a period of time, this may result in warped or cracked flooring. 

Cracking and popping sounds indicate some defects may be present

Lastly, if homeowners can spare the time, if would be good to conduct a visual inspection of your home before we arrive. Help us by pointing out any defects or irregularities you may have spotted. Not everything may be a defect but it will be our pleasure to address your concerns. 


Defects Inspection Checklist

Many owners often ask if if they can do the checks on their own. It's definitely possible!

To help you along, we have created our own defects inspection checklist, drop us an email and we will be more than glad to send it to you FOC!


Should you find the inspection too tedious and/or difficult, we'll be more than happy to do it on your behalf.


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