Defects Checks - How It Works?

After collection of keys, what should you do? Haven't got a clue of how the process of engaging our defects inspection services works?

Process of defects checks


What We Inspect

Defects Checks aims to base its inspections upon BCA Standards. The 3 areas that we focus upon are Architectural, Mechanical (Plumbing) and Electical


Walls and Flooring

Are there any cracks in the wall or hollow tiles in the floor?


Is the ceiling level and are there any signs of water leakage?


Are there any defects in the built in furnishing?


Are the windows properly installed? 

Mechanical (Plumbing)


Are the pipes correctly installed and is there any sign of corrosion?

Water outlets

Are there any signs of water leakage and do the taps have proper water pressure?

Water ponding

Are there any areas that might be prone to water ponding and are all the water sources flowing smoothly towards floor traps and floor waste? 



Are the outlets properly grounded and is the wiring adequately insulated?

Air Conditioning

Is the air con properly install and sufficiently cold? Is there any damage to the compressor units?

Circuit Breaker

Is the wiring done properly to prevent frequent tripping? 

How secure are the terminal connections? 

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